WARNING! HORRIFIC VIDEO: ISIS Beheads Christian Journalist James Foley As Muslim Obama Does Nothing!

Ct Patriot: This is beyond disgusting, and to think we , the US created these ISIS monsters. I’m Sorry I just don’t see this whole Islam is is religion of peace thing. Seems like they want all of us non- muslims dead. Am I missing something? Oh, But that’s ok if a christian gets his head cut off I guess? It’s happening all over the world more and more. But No worries our Head Muslim in Charge, Obama is going to watch out for us… I couldn’t even type that with a straight face. He is a Muslim, Get over it people. He is on their side.  My Prayers go out to Mr. Foley and his Family….




Islamic State Beheads American Journalist Knowing Obama Will Not Retaliate

August 19, 2014article-2729287-20A631A600000578-366_306x423
(Before It’s News)
Horrific video of American freelance photo-journalist James Wright Foley, 40, being beheaded by ISIS in revenge for US airstrikes in Iraq was posted to the internet Tuesday afternoon. Foley, has been missing since November, 2012, after being taken hostage at gunpoint while reporting from Taftanaz, in northern Syria, for the agency, GlobalPost.

In a chilling warning at the end of grisly film, the executioner, who has what sounds like a British accent, paraded another American journalist, Steven Joel Sotloff, who went missing in August 2013, saying: ‘The life of this American citizen, Obama, depends on your next decision.’

The video emerged as President Barack Obama was returning from the White House to his Martha’s Vineyard vacation. White House National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden says the administration has seen the video.

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Propaganda video was removed from YouTube after more than 20 minutes


download (2)The video, uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, includes about a minute and a half of President Obama announcing his recent authorization of targeted airstrikes and a humanitarian operation in Iraq.

Around the two minute mark, a man believed to be James Wright Foley, 40, delivers a statement: “I call on my friends, family and loved ones to rise up against my real killers: th
e U.S. government.” He then addresses his brother John, a member of the U.S. Air Force, at length. After about two minutes and 20 seconds, he is beheaded.

Two people who know Foley said the man in the video appears to be him, and that the voice sounds like his. His family did not respond immediately to an inquiry about the video.


‘Spare the lives of the remaining hostages. Like Jim they are innocents': Brave mother of beheaded American journalist calls on ISIS to cease killing as she pays tribute to her ‘extraordinary son’

  • American photojournalist James Wright Foley has been beheaded by ISIS forces
  • Foley has been missing since Thanksgiving 2012 while working in Syria
  • ISIS posted the extremely graphic video ‘A Message to America’ to social media
  • Foley speaks to camera before his death and labels the US his killers
  • Apparently coerced by his captors into speaking against his country
  • A masked and robed member of ISIS speaking English in what is thought to be a British accent addresses the camera as well
  • After the execution of Foley, the ISIS member says that missing American journalist Steven Joel Sotloff will be killed next
  • A man identified as Sotloff in a caption on the video is then paraded in front of the camera
  • Beheading comes one day after ISIS threat to America that ‘we will drown all you in blood’ for the US-aided Kurdish recapture of the Mosul Dam
  • President Obama is expected to comment on the video Wednesday



‘I call on my friends family and loved ones to rise up against my real killers, the US government. For what will happen to me is only a result of their complacency and criminality.

‘My message to my beloved parents: save me some dignity and don’t accept any (unclear, possibly says media) compensation for my death, from the same people who effectively hit the last nail in my coffin with a recent aerial campaign in Iraq.

‘I call on my brother John, who is/was (this part is also unclear) member of the US Air Force, think about what you are doing, think about lives you destroy including those of your own family.

‘I call on you John, think about who made the decision to bomb Iraq recently and kill those people, whoever they may have been.

‘Think John, who did they really kill? Did they think about me, you our family when they made that decision?

‘I died that day John, when your colleagues dropped that bomb on those people – they signed my death certificate.

‘I wish I had more time, I wish I could have the hope of freedom and see my family once again, but that ship has sailed. I guess all in all, I wish I wasn’t American.’


BREAKING VIDEO: 18 yo Michael Brown Smashed Officer Wilson’s Face! Over A Dozen Witnesses Confirm.

Ct Patriot: Ok, Now this adds a new spin to this story. I’ll admit this story has had more than a few left turns. I’m Just going along for the ride like the rest of you, hoping to find out the truth behind the bs. But this does seem to be a more credible account. And there are many witnesses backing up the officers story… What do you think?


Breaking News! More than a Dozen Witnesses Confirm Cop’s Story – Officer has Broken bones in his Face

…And then Michael just bum-rushes him and shoves him back into his car. Punches him in the face and them Darren grabs for his gun. Michael grabbed for the gun. At one point he got the gun entirely turned against his hip. And he shoves it away. And the gun goes off.

Well, then Michael takes off and gets to be about 35 feet away. And, Darren’s first protocol is to pursue. So, he stands up and yells, “Freeze!” Michael and his friend turn around. And Michael taunts him… And then all the sudden he just started bumrushing him. He just started coming at him full speed. And, so he just started shooting. And, he just kept coming. And, so he really thinks he was on something.”

downloadThen we brought you the video from a local who was there as the events in Ferguson unfolded. In his video background voices can clearly be heard summarizing what happened in a way that clearly aligned with the “Josie’s” version of events… more importantly they seemed to throw in to doubt the testimony of Michael Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson. Johnson claimed that he and Brown were standing still with their hands in the air and then that the officer gunned Brown down as they were running away.

“I saw the barrel of the gun pointed at my friend,” said Dorian Johnson, 22. “Then I saw the fire come out of the barrel.”

“I could see so vividly what was going on because I was so close,” said Johnson, who said he was within arm’s reach of both Brown and the officer when the first of several shots was fired at the teen. Johnson says he feared for his life as he watched the officer squeezing off shot after shot.

Johnson’s entire statement has come under fire now that multiple witnesses have come forward disputing his version of events. Also, the independent medical examiner hired by the Brown family disproved the second half of that testimony when they autopsied the body and found that Brown was shot front to back and not in the back as Johnson claimed.

Now Christine Byers, a reporter from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, is reporting that police have spoken to more than a DOZEN witnesses who have corroborated Officer Wilson’s version of events in the shooting! More than a DOZEN!

Police sources tell me more than a dozen witnesses have corroborated cop’s version of events in shooting

Another stunning piece of news out of St. Louis is that sources in the Prosecutor’s office are willing to confirm that Officer Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with Michael Brown.

Was the cop injured during his altercation with Michael Brown?

 AUGUST 19, 2014


Jim Hoft, who’s based in St. Louis, claims he has two well-placed local sources who say yes.

If Brown, a big man, punched Wilson in the face while they were jawing at each other through the squad car window, that would explain why Brown took off running and why Wilson took off after him. Then again, you don’t need to imagine any physical contact between Brown and Wilson to explain that. If Wilson had said, “Hey, you’re the guy who just robbed the convenience store!”, that might have sent Brown running too.

Is there any corroborating evidence that Brown hit Wilson in the face? Yeah, sort of. If“Josie,” the now famous caller to Dana Loesch’s radio show, really is who she says she is, then Wilson himself told her that Brown punched him.


“Just shoves him back into his car, punches him in the face, and then of course Darren grabs for his gun.” And yet — Josie doesn’t claim that Brown busted Wilson’s eye, a detail you’d think she would want to mention to emphasize the severity of the attack. Also, if you look back at the cellphone video captured by Piaget Crenshaw, you’ll see Wilson standing by Brown’s body with no apparent injury and seemingly in no distress from what allegedly would have been a nasty eye injury.


Was the cop injured during his altercation with Michael Brown?



Michael Brown Broke Cop’s Face (Video) Breaking Report! Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” During Mike Brown Attack

 Jim Hoft

August 19, 2014

The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store.

badenautopsyLocal St. Louis sources said Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.” This comes from a source within the District Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police.

blowout fracture is a fracture of one or more of the bones surrounding the eye and is commonly referred to as an orbital floor fracture. (AAPOS)

 This comes after St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter tweeted out last night that a dozen local witnesses confirmed Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson’s version of the Brown shooting story.

 Officer Darren Wilson left the state of Missouri last week.


Damning Evidence: Live Tweet Of Brown being Shot In Back! GRAPHIC PHOTOS

CtPatriot: This is just a Murder as i see it. You don’t shoot people in the back. And to then fire 5 more rounds for good measure is just sick. This is the Police State we now live in.


UPDATE: I’m Not sure this is a real account of what happened… More to come on this. Does the truth ever come out anymore?



AUGUST 17, 2014

Warning: the following post may contain disturbing photos and language

A Ferguson, MO man live-tweeted the shooting death of Michael Brown last Saturday with a raw account that contradicts what police reported to the media — Brown was shot twice in the back and five times in the front, according to the witness’ tweets.

Ferguson police didn’t confirm a specific number of shots fired, but said the officer at the center of the controversy, Darren Wilson, fired four to six times at the unarmed teen, according to NY Daily News.

Twitter user “Bruh,” who goes by the handle @TheePharoah posted on August 9, “I JUST SAW SOMEONE DIE OMFG,” followed by a gruesome photo he snapped with his phone of Brown lying face down in the street with two officers standing over his body, just two minutes after his initial tweet.

“Its blood all over the street, n—– protesting ns—,” he wrote next. “There is police tape all over my building. I am stuck in her omg.”

Bruh CtPatriot: This is just a Murder as i see it. You don’t shoot people in the back. And to then fire 5 more rounds for good measure is just sick. This is the Police State we now live in. provided a real perspective of the shooting that differs from that of the police as well as friends of Brown’s, noting that he heard at least seven gunshots that hit the teen with the possibility of a couple other other missed shots.

“Dude was running and the cops just shot.him. i saw him die bruh,” TheePharoah tweeted. “The first two was clear, then it was a barage of them s—-,” he said of the gunshots.

Almost three hours after Bruh’s tweet of shots fired, Brown’s body still remained in the street, “Homie still on the ground tho,” he posted.

In a public statement Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson made to the press Friday, Jackson said Wilson shot the teen after he saw the boy and a friend walking in the middle of the road. Police confirmed that moments before the fatal incident, Brown allegedly stole cigars during a strong-arm robbery at a nearby convenience store, but Wilson was unaware of this altercation at the time he shot the teen.


“Thug” Michael Brown’s Shooting Has the Police State Armed and Ready! (VIOLENT VIDEO)

 Ct Patriot: This is exactly what the Big Brother police state wants. Us divided, ready to kill each other. While they sit back and watch. And Smile.

download (3)


Over 80 riot police prepare to square off against demonstratorsinfowars-police2


AUGUST 13, 2014

Infowars is live in Ferguson, Mo., where over 80 riot police are preparing to square off against demonstrators, protesting against the police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.





BvFabeDIQAA2udzPolice release surveillance video stills allegedly showing teenager



AUGUST 15, 2014

During a news conference today in Ferguson police said teenager Michael Brown was involved in a robbery prior to his death.

The accusation was made as police released the name of the officer involved in the incident, Darren Wilson. Citizens at the news conference reacted angrily when police accused Brown in the robbery of a store.

An information packet released by police details the robbery of Swisher Sweet cigars by Brown and the assault of an individual at a convenience store.

The event allegedly occurred just before noon on August 9.





infowars-police4New footage reveals SWAT team shot at reporters after they identified themselves as press
New footage of the St. Charles Co., Missouri, SWAT team attacking an Al-Jazeera America news crew in Ferguson further exposes the sheriff’s department as liars for falsely claiming the SWAT officers were “assisting the media” when in fact they shot at reporters who identified themselves as press.

Infowars reporter Jakari Jackson was standing behind Al-Jazeera America and recorded this footage of the SWAT team purposely shooting at an obvious news crew who announced their presence.

“This is press over here! Why are you shooting at us with bullets?” One of Al-Jazeera’s reporters yelled to the SWAT team. “This is media over here trying to cover the story!”

After previous footage of the attack went viral across the globe, the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department responded by stating that “SWAT team officers were assisting the media in moving their camera equipment and media personnel to a safer area with their consent so that they could continue to cover the event.”

But as this new footage reveals, the SWAT team was intentionally shooting the news crew after they identified themselves as press and the sheriff’s dept. lied about it in an attempted cover-up.

NSFW: Emily Ratajkowski’s GQ Cover Has Mom’s Panties Panties In a Bunch! (Real Topless Photos)

 Ct Patriot: Ok I have kids, girls to be exact. But this is the least of my worries. So I’ll cut to the chase. Check out Emily Ratajkowski’s REAL TOPLESS PICS NSFW Link Below!  Enjoy….


 ‘GQ’ Cover: Lands’ End Customers Freak Out Over ‘Pornographic’ Photo

August 15, 2014emily-ratajkowski-gq-cover-lands-end-customers-freak-pornographic-cover-lead

Lands’ End has officially pissed off their customers. Shoppers were reportedly shocked and “horrified” when the clothing company, known for their conservative wear, sent their customers a free edition of GQ magazine, featuring model Emily Ratajkowski, 23, on the cover. For them, it was just too “pornographic.”  

“We received your ‘Lands’ End Bonus’ of GQ magazine this weekend, and we are absolutely horrified,” one customer wrote on the company’s Facebook page. “How can buying something as family friendly as school uniforms lead to soft porn in the mailbox?”

download (1)“My 14-year-old son brought in the mail today & was quite disturbed & fascinated by a ‘gift’ Lands’ End sent us — a copy of GQ magazine with an absolutely OBSCENE cover!!! I am appalled that Lands’ End — which I have always thought of as a ‘wholesome,’ family-oriented company — would be the one to expose my son to pornography,” another customer wrote.
Lands’ End recently struck a deal with GQ’s publisher, Condé Nast, in order to provide their customers with magazines that highlight “fashion and lifestyle topics.” In the past, customers have been sent free copies of Glamour, Self and Vogue magazines, according to FOX News.

Topless Model on ‘GQ’ Magazine Cover Has Moms Seeing Red​images

by Jenny Erikson

download (2)Some parents got quite a shock recently when they went to get the mail. You know how sometimes companies have promotions and give you free stuff when you spend a certain amount of money? Well Land’s End recently participating in something of that sort, by sending a free magazine to some customers who spent over $100.

That was nice of them! Except, it sort of pissed a lot of parents off, since the magazine in question was GQ, and the cover model is topless. And basically mostly naked, save for some skimpy bikini bottoms. And a lot of those parents got the mag after ordering school uniforms — many of them for religiously affiliated schools. Whoops.

Topless Model on ‘GQ’ Magazine Cover Has Moms Seeing Red

Robin Williams, Parkinson’s, Suicide Pills, and Family Guy? (CREEPY VIDEO)

CtPatriot: Robin Williams RIP. I Just Wonder what could have tormented him so bad? I feel for his loved ones…


Robin Williams’ wife: He had Parkinson’s diseaseimages (6)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Robin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease at the time of his death, his wife said Thursday.

In a statement, Susan Schneider said that Williams, 63, was struggling with depression, anxiety and the Parkinson’s diagnosis when he died Monday in his Northern California home. Authorities said he committed suicide.

“Robin’s sobriety was intact and he was brave as he struggled with his own battles of depression, anxiety as well as early stages of Parkinson’s disease, which he was not yet ready to share publicly,” Schneider said.

images (8)Schneider did not offer details on when the actor comedian had been diagnosed or his symptoms.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Department, which said Williams hanged himself, is conducting toxicology tests and interviews before issuing a final ruling. Lt. Keith Boyd of the Marin County Sheriff’s Department did not return phone calls and email messages from The Associated Press seeking comment on Schneider’s statement.

Williams’ death shocked fans and friends alike, despite his candor about decades of struggle with substance abuse and mental health. With Parkinson’s, Williams faced shouldering yet another challenge.images (9)

Parkinson’s disease is an incurable nervous system disorder that involves a loss of brain cells controlling movement. Tremors, sometimes starting out in just one hand, are among the early symptoms.

It can also cause rigid, halting walking, slowed speech and sometimes dementia. Symptoms worsen over time and can often be treated with drugs.

Robin Williams’ wife: He had Parkinson’s disease

Was Robin Williams on Suicide Pills?

Following the untimely death of comic genius Robin Williams, Alex Jones asks the painful question? Was Robin Williams taking SSRI pills which have been known to cause people to commit suicide?

Weird Coincidence: Robin Williams Family Guy ‘Suicide’ Episode Airs Before Actor’s Death!download (4)

In a bizarre coincidence, a Family Guy episode featuring Robin Williams which included a failed suicide attempt aired minutes before the announcement of the actor’s death.
It’s interesting to ponder whether such synchronicities are meaningful and emerge from the collective unconscious, as Carl Jung postulated, or whether they are just random coincidence

What the Fukushima? Oceans Dying, Cancer, Mass Sterilization, EXTINCTION? who cares…

CtPatriot: This has got to be the Craziest thing I’ve seen in a long while. I mean we download (1)have an actual extinction level event going on. People being radiated, The oceans dying, Animals being Mutated. Oh don’t forget the slower sterilization of every womb on the planet. And who’s talking about it? Obama? lol  The main stream media? Nah they only talk about False threats they create or manage. This is way to real for those phonies. So what do we do? Sit back? hmmm, pack it in ice? Its not a 6 pack of beer stupids. This Problem needs a real solution as do so many other real issues. But i Have a Feeling this is a really really bad thing. Game Over man, Game over….

Fukushima Is An Extinction Level Event: 17.91 Billion Lethal Doses (By Ingestion) Chasing Each And Every One Of Us On The Planet … And That’s Just From The Amount Of Cesium-137

… and there are ’1,946 known lethal radioactive isotopes’ created by atomic reactors.

As a side note:

If you give rats a LD1 (Lethal dose killing 1% of the rats) of mercury … 1% of the rats will die.

If you give rats a LD1 (Lethal dose killing 1% of the rats) of lead … 1% of the rats will die.

How many rats will die if you give them a LD1 of mercury AND a LD1 of lead?

Take a guess!

Answer: ALL OF THEM!!!


Again, there are ’1,946 known lethal radioactive isotopes’ from Fukushima.

How will they affect us?

Take a guess!

All are Included – No Exceptions

images (4)(San Francisco) – The March 11, 2011 explosion of four reactors and wrecking of two more reactors at Fukushima Daiichi, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan is an on-going Extinction Level Event for all creatures on Earth, including all Humans. Now, two years and one month later, hot radioactive particles (RadParticles) still are spewing. 

The RadParticles have to stop going up over there before they stop coming down over here. Saying it is pretty simple, making it happen is not. The radiation is so intense in the reactor buildings it kills humans in seven minutes, robots are dead in two hours.

Many governmental, institutional and private speakers use the radioactive element Cesium 137 (Cs137) as the amount of radioactivity in the air, land and sea today.

That is only partially true. Cs137 is merely one of 1,946 known lethal radioactive isotopes created by atomic bombs and atomic reactors when detonated or operated properly and “by the book.”

That is exactly what atomic reactors are supposed to do, make 1,946 isotopes! The heat todownload (2) make steam is simply a by-product.  This is a nasty nuclear process and cannot be stopped or reversed.

Dr Paolo Scampa, a physicist in the European Union, recently stated “The Cs137 radioactivity [Fukushima Daiichi] is about 6,89E18 Bq and around 2100 kg. This activity represents a potential internal radiotoxicity of 6,61 billion Lethal Doses by inhalation and 17,91 billion Lethal Doses (LD) by ingestion.” [End Quote.]

That’s just the amount of Cesium137′s Lethal Doses from three reactor core storage pits! Much of this is in the Earth’s air, soil and water now. What’s more, the lethality level of the  Fukushima reactors’ burning radioactive aerosols and gases irrevocably goes up for the next 350 years. 

That’s 17.91 Billion Lethal Doses (by Ingestion) chasing the 7.3 Billion of us on the Planet now and there are 1,946 known radioactive killer isotopic poisons in this list. The odds are definitely not in our favor.


It only takes one of these little poisonous, invisible devils each, to maim and kill us all.

downloadThere is much more radioactive poison in the other four 40 ft (12.19 mt) deep temporary reactor core holding pits and charging out of the six trashed reactors.

Three hundred and fifty years from now (from 2013) is about 14 generations, or the year 2363. Worse still, after 350 years of increased lethality, the Radiotoxicity Level does not decline, it just levels off. We, and all our kind, images (2)will simply be dead and gone – finished. Truly, the affair at Fukushima is an Extinction Level Event.

Only the Earth will remain, sterilized by nuclear radiation, speeding through space – barren and sterile, or well on its the way to ending this chapter. Let it be known as the Era of the Stupids. 

 Infinite Unknown


Streamed live on Aug 10, 2014

http://www.thenuclearproctologist.org/ The entire 200 kilometers we checked of Canadian Pacific Coast Line was devoid of all life , recovery is highly unlikely

images (1)


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